FESTER (Feature Film)

A closeted young man’s body and mind unravel in horrifying ways after a mysterious and alluring new roommate moves into his apartment, forcing him to confront his deepest insecurities.

Notables: Frontieres, Official Selection (2021), American Film Market Pitch, Competition Winner (2020),  Coverfly Red List Top 10 Horror Features, Golden Script Competition, Finalist (2020)

Script and Pitch Deck available.



In an attempt to reignite their marriage, a young couple explores non-monogamy for the first time, bringing them into contact with an entirely new community, and forcing them to re-evaluate themselves and their worldview.

Notables: Sundance Episodic Lab, Pilot Second Round Contender (2021), NYFA’s NYC Women’s Fund, Pilot Finalist (2019)

Script & Pitch Deck available.


A CEO, who clawed her way to the top in the ultra-misogynistic entertainment world, fights against the demons from her past who come in the form of an impending lawsuit that threatens to derail her entire life.  

Script available.


Bloodyburg (Feature Film)

A queer vigilante investigates the gruesome massacre of a group of locals, and comes face to face with a new sinister force intent on terrorizing the neighborhood.

Script available.